“This is my escape, the theater. It’s like the home I always wanted. I feel so alive, like I can be anything, do anything”
-Teenager in YAG

“[My daughter] came home really glowing from a rehearsal the other day. [YAG] had the kids make two lines and each appreciate the person opposite them for twenty seconds before moving on to the next. She was really touched by this experience―and began talking about how much she likes YAG , how wonderful her group has been, how the same experiences probably wouldn’t worked at school because it’s not the same friendly feeling, and on and on.”
-Parents of a YAG student

“Clearly you are doing more for the kids than teaching them acting skills…. You’ve enriched [my daughter’s] life tremendously, and I truly appreciate it.”
-Father of a YAG student

“What a wonderful experience it has been!” “We were very much impressed at the effort & enthusiasm of the students and the atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement”

-Parents with a daughter in YAG summer camps

“…Ten years later I am a confident, goal-oriented, and responsible young adult. All of these qualities were learned through Young Actors Guild” “As a student as well as an employee of the program, I learned a lot about myself and I see the program continuing to help students grow every year”
-Student who was highly involved in YAG

“I watched children, who on the first day would not even come into the classroom because they were too shy, within months shine on stage singing solos and dancing with confidence”
-Student, then Intern for YAG

“This program is not just for introverts, it is a great place to learn about theatre in a safe environment for children. Theatre is such a wonderful thing to be a part of and the Young Actors Guild is a great place for young people to go and experience it”
-Student who was in YAG ages 10-17

“The staff really cares about each student and wants everyone to gain from their experience at Young Actors Guild. Children can do amazing things in the right environment. YAG has proved this year after year”
-Summer camp student at YAG

“This program has done so much for me. I have made friends for life and gained invaluable experiences.”
-Recent high school graduate who took part in YAG

“Next to my wife and I, Young Actors Guild is the most positive influence in [our daughter’s] life. There’s no other experience that I know of that so effectively teaches the importance of teamwork, dedication, and accountability.”
-Parents of a student in YAG

“YAG has always been a place for me to break free of the explicit and self-conscious teenage world” “This summer with YAG has been one of the best and most education experiences of my life.”
-Student in YAG summer camps

“I, like so many others walk taller today, more confident, more responsible, more skilled, because of this program.”
-Student who participated in YAG camps and semester programs

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